What you probably think “reincarnation” is might not be true, though.

It’s been discovered by contemplative explorers of human consciousness for thousands of years, in cultures that span civilizations such as India, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, and Mongolia.

But what exactly is reincarnation?

It’s not the belief that “who” you are now will somehow be around forever, or ever come again.

There’s more to earth’s life support systems than mathematic modeling.

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Five years ago I was on a road trip with a group of university students on a field course on the Atlantic coast. From breaks in the treeline along the highway, we saw for the first time the ocean and its rocky, ferocious coast.

Spending whole days in between massive…

We should be shouting this from the rooftops.

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Precious human rebirth. It’s the Buddhist idea that humans are uniquely suited to self-development, owing to the balance of pleasure and suffering in our world.

Gods, ghosts, spirits and animals don’t have this balanced opportunity — so we should realize how special…

Self-help has gobbled up the profound, just to spit it back out as profane.

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You’ll transform your life, they say. It’s the most powerful way to obliterate stress, or so we’ve been told. Yet when you actually sit down and withdraw from the world, you find an equally unruly one inside.

It might manifest as surges of energy, or urges for stimulation. Often it’s…

They stood the test of time for a reason.

Certain truths need repeating, century after century, whether you’re in the East or the West. That’s because despite getting our physical needs met, humanity’s inner world has always needed guidance.

You can find these truths covered with flowery language in the latest self-help books. In exorbitantly priced & packaged ‘workshops.’…

Deal with them properly, and you’ll be free.

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The shrill voice of your boss threatens imminent unemployment; road rage eats up your good mood. The laundry machine breaks down, or you forget to bring a mask to an event.

These are microstressors, which can actually be the biggest factor in the development of mental illness. Even if it…

Very rarely does a single word act as such a vast vehicle.

The word dharma is found in every single school of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain philosophical inquiry.

Yet it isn’t a “religious” term, nor one that is solely materialistic. Its root word, dhara, means to hold. …

There is much to learn about human consciousness, and little time.

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Philosophy was never intended to be a free-for-all with zero consensus. If it was really about love for wisdom and not love of our own ego-intellects, there’d be a lot more consensus going on.

Such as protecting the Earth…

It might sound far-fetched, but ugliness is a form of spiritual violence.

What is the purpose of an art gallery?

Is it to stand around strange and bizarre formulations of light and shape, utterly confused at the ‘genius’ it’s supposed to exude, while feeling equally alienated from the other humans in the room?

Is it to absorb ‘inspiration’ in the form of…

“Woke” Taliban 2.0 has the media drooling.

Photo by nasim dadfar on Unsplash

Having a delusional orange buffoon organize a coup under the table was disturbing enough. But what about another right-wing fascist coup that actually succeeded in bringing about a dark age for 38 million people?

The Taliban’s takeover of the presidential palace in Kabul…

Rami Dhanoa

Rethinking human potential.

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